陰 yīn | 雍 yōng | 陽 yáng
receiving | resolving | responding

The worldwideway

is the path that leads within,
the path back to our essential being.
For those who wish to retrace their steps
guidance is available without which, realistically, there is little chance of finding the way.


The Way is straight and well sign-posted.
To wander off brings great trouble.
To change the sign-posts
brings retribution.
Divine hierarchy. According to Sufi tradition, the invisible hierarchy of spiritual authority consists of the 40 "abdal" (substitutes; for when any of them dies another is elected from the rank and file of the saints), seven "awtad" (supports), three "nuqaba'" (leaders), headed by the "Qutb" (axis, pole) along with three "mafatih al-kunuz" (keys of the treasures), and "afrad"(supreme ones or angels) that may exist. The Qutb is sometimes used as a synonym for the "Ghawt" (Nurturer), "al-Qutb al-Jami'a" (the Gathering Pole), or "Qutb al-Aqtab" (Pole of Poles).

Shaykh Tijani al-Hassani (may the Divine sanctify his secrets) said, "The Divine Presence has said: In the whole of Divine Creation, absolutely and without exception there is no one among humankind and the angels after the Prophets, who could possibly attain to as much as one thousandth part of the true devotion of the Pole of Poles. He is the most excellent of all people in each era, apart from the 'Keys of the Treasures', for he is superior to them in some respects, and they are superior to him in some respects."
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陰 雍 陽

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